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December 09, 2005


Christy O'Reilly

Dare I say it...the new Camry is...HOT! (OMG did I just write that?)


the mazda6 is still better looking, and whats with the green transulcent itnerior plastic?

Whelk, Lawrence

Meh...will look good in beige.


I'm not digging the turquoise controls and displays. Change that, and it's very nice, inside and out.


Looks too much like a Mazda6. Cool that they have a manumatic tho.

Peking duck

This is gonna be another kick in the nads for all the Detroit automakers.


That is as eriously attractive vehicle, althoguh I'm not crazy bout the droopy headlights


wonder what nissan will do to the altima to compete? 350 hp family sedan anyone?

Jai Bhatia

Loving it, looks like toyota have another 5 more years of being america's number 1 selling car!


I'm not feeling the body kit, but other than that the car is nice.


Front end looks very Mazdaesque while the rear looks Avalonesque!

Looks like an improvement over the current Camry which is about as dull and boring as they come.

Will no doubt be another home run for Toyota.


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