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December 05, 2005


Christy O'Reilly

I like it better that way. For that kind of money, I'd rather drive an Infiniti

Future Doc

The US version of the Nissan Skyline has already been here for 3 years! It is called the Infiniti G35. Why is this so hard for people to remember or understand? The current USDM Infiniti G35 is the current JDM Nissan Skyline. The Skyline and GT-R name are now separate. There will not be a new Skyline GT-R. Those two names will not exist together. Also, there will be no such thing as an "Infiniti Skyline". The new car will just be called Infiniti GT-R (USDM/Worldwide) and Nissan GT-R (JDM). Class dismissed...

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