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December 05, 2005


CGS exhaust

Scary indeed but cool. It is good to hear that having this kind of exhaust would not affect the engine performance. As well as will not cost you much.


Looks cool! Quite scary also with the risks if done wrong, But certainly makes for a cool entertainment piece! :)

CGS cat back exhaust

Yep, it is scary when not done right. I'd say this is one HOT car!

CGS exhaust

This photo should mark on your head. This will happen to anyone or even worst if we don't check the quality of our car exhaust. Always be careful with the car brands bought or the car parts if your modifying your cars.

Chevy HHR cold air intake

Not only this is dangerous if the driver is unaware of passerby's getting hit of the flame but it's also a waste of fuel and may be illegal in most places because the catalytic converter is cut, thus involving exhausts to be blown by the car. On the other hand this may be fun for enthusiasts and really gives your car a great personality. Just use this at your own risk.

Air Intake Kits

It is a fan favorite. But mostly others would disagree.

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